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Global Residency Simplified For All

Golden Viv offers a full service to secure your global residency and citizenship through expert guidance, seamless application processes, and tailored investment opportunities.

Learn more about Europe's most popular investment!

What is the Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa is an Investment Resident Permit that elevates your lifestyle with opportunities that put your money to work and keep giving back.


Granting citizenship through investment, the Golden Visa program allows you and your family to live, work, and travel freely in Schengen countries.


  • Any non-EU / EFTA national can apply.
  • Minimal investments with no language test or permanent relocation requirement.
Explore The Top Golden Visas In Europe

Golden Visa Countries


One of the last few countries offering real estate options, the minimum investment for Spain is €500,000.


Standing strong as the most popular, the minimum investment for the Portuguese Golden Visa is €250,000.


Known for its flexibility and affordability, Greece offers a minimum investment of €500,000.


As a hub of thriving industries and financial services, the minimum investment in Malta is €888,000.

Exclusive Golden Visa Benefits

The demand for Citizenship By Investment programs has surged lately, driven by the numerous perks they offer to investors and their families. This rising interest is fueled by the opportunities for global mobility, economic stability, and an enhanced quality of life.

  • Permanent Residency & Citizenship with no requirement to relocate permanently.
  • Access to all EU countries, plus visa privileges for 150+ nations after citizenship.
  • Extendable to family, along with benefits and access to public services.
  • Business & Career Opportunities in diverse markets.
  • High Standard Of Living.

The Process

Our objective remains to make the process as seamless as possible. Benefit from one designated team for your entire process, starting from making the investment to receiving your Golden Visa. 


Take a look at what your milestones will look like once you begin!

  • Consultation with experts
  • Make your secure investment
  • Submit the Golden Visa application
  • Receiveyour Golden Visa & Permit
  • High Standard Of Living.

The Best Golden Visas In Europe Await You

Why Golden Viv?​

Our vision is to create a world where borders fade away, making European countries accessible and welcoming to all. With this, we’ve revolutionized the relocation experience by offering a person-based, comprehensive, streamlined service that caters to all aspects of the move.


At Golden Viv, our commitment has never wavered: to continue growing, innovating, and, most importantly, making a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of our clients during one of their most crucial transitions.

  • Tailored Immigration Solutions: Recommendations that fit your specific circumstances and goals.
  • Industry Experts: Ensure all your paperwork and requirements are managed efficiently and accurately
  • Full-Service Company: Beyond visa assistance, you will receive advice on everything from housing to cultural adjustments.

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The level of service was incredible! Your dedicated lawyer is very much attentive to your case. They respond quickly to any questions and they provide helpful advice in a friendly and patient manner. It really seems they go above and beyond to help their clients.....

Rafa P.


Viv Europe has been extremely supportive in our move to Portugal. They have gone above and beyond to help with our complicated case. They are further developing their breadth of services which is proving very helpful as a newcomer to Portugal. I would recommend their services.

I have only positive things to say about Viv Europe, Victor, and his team! My wife and I have been living in Portugal for six months now, and I don’t believe we would be here if it weren’t for our Team. Viv Europe has been there for us, every-complicated-step of the way; and there are many!

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